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i've been in a funk lately because i can't find this song anywhere. the commercial is for energizer batteries, and it features a twentysomething guy chasing his mp3 player around the city. the headphones are running like legs, dragging the player behind. (the premise is that the batteries give your gadgets SO MUCH ENERGY, they come ALIVE!!). the song has almost a sort of reggae feel to it, i guess. at the end of the commercial the guy catches his player and is chillin on his couch when his digital camera starts sneaking away.

i live in montreal, canada, and i think i've seen the ad on a canadian station.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!
can you describe the song? genre/type of music, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc.
Yes, I would like to know the name and artist of this song as well. I'm not sure what genre it is. It has a syncopated beat, a male vocalist, and maybe a bit of a black gospel feel to it.
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The campaign, created by DDB Canada. The 30-second TV commercial begins in an apartment where a man looks for his MP3 player. He sees the door is open and runs into the street. He sees his headphones running down the sidewalk....
The ad uses the tagline, "Energizer Lithium. Designed for digital."
The national campaign, in English and French, broke on Nov. 1.
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jtronforce,] any info on the song title or artist? it's an awesome commercial.

i thought the music had a new orleans/zydeco feel.

Hey Guys:

The name of the band is "Toots and the Maytals" and the song is called "Broadway jungle".
thanks for solving this, soneysoney.

you're a supersleuth.

so this is now solved, i'm not sure how to edit the headline to make it say so. help?
I did a search on Google to try and find the band and name of the song and I found this site and this topic and of course the info I wantd. Fantastic! I love this song and really wanted to know more. Like Vick_miller, I too am from Montreal. Thanks!
What the h3ll :angry: . People who have internet connection and browse only live in Montreal! Geee wizzzzzzzzzzzz!

Ohhhh!! By the way, I too am from Montreal... googled the song which braught me here..... :p
No... not literally, just figuratively... :p . But dont you like the rhyme of it B)? JiMMy + JaKAzz = JiMMy-JaKAzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... :ph34r: Later.....
thankful to this forum, i now have been able to track down the name to this song, I used to have it, before I lost all in a fire, but was unable to remember what it was called - to clarify to all it is actually a Prince Buster song recorded with the Maytals, also called Dog War & Jamaica Ska.

for full info:

Enjoy !

anyone know where to d/l a decent video of this commercial?
hadn't noticed a post to that effect

aaah thanks you guys! i've been looking for this song everywhere too!! :D

later dudes! :D
This is terrific, I've been hunting for the name of this tune. :blink: Finally I can sleep.
Thanks large SoneySoney, your awesome.