Song from Sears Electronics TVs


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To make a long story short, I work at sears in hardware, which is near Home Electronics. They keep playing a catchy song that I can't find anywhere..

It's a live concert, with a modern pop/latin band playing/singing. The one big thing that stands out and maybe its part of the singer/band or album cover..but theres a giant heart above him and fireworks come from it while he makes a heart shaped symbol over his chest. Any ideas? I can't really explain any of the lyrics cause it sounds spanish but then again he could just be slurring them together..I imagine its a decently popular song to be played on all the TVs. The only thing I can say about them though is the main singer sings his part, and the back up singer kinda holds a 'whoo-a' note.. :lol: Hopefully maybe somebody has seen this?