Song from Caddyshack


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I was wondering what song is the band playing at the country club after Rodney Dangerfield tells the band to play something more exciting and throws a wad of cash at. It has a high pitched verse and the song is playing while Rodney dances with the Judge's wife and askes her is she wants to make 14 dollars the HARD way... thanks if anyone knows
Yeahhhhhhh. The movie is a classic but I just don't think what you're looking for is on the soundtrack list at imdb and I don't own it so I'd have to see it again to know. :(
Its a well known song, someone who has the dvd or the tape would know... thanks anyway
Were you able to make out what is being said/sung during the "high pitched verse"?
it sounded like "workin on the man, or working 9 to 5" it was a few female voices, i think it was a motown group cause they played the same song during the nba finals at the detroit pistons home court, i asked about it there too in another thread, but this is easier to find i thought then one game