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I'm looking for the title of the song bridging the meet between Turkish and Tommy with Mickey and the gypsies--to the meeting Turkish has with Bricktop. Bricktop's about to get the news Gorgeous George is unable to fight, all the while poking a dog in a cage.

The song had no lyrics, and is nothing but a quick flute. It plays largely during the period Turkish and Tommy follow Harold, or Errol, to Bricktop.
I don't know the answer b/c I've never seen this film... But, maybe you can eliminate it by looking at the soundtrack listing (IMDb usually lists the stuff in order of appearance in movie). Also, looks like the Soundtrack CD is pretty thorough too, maybe the song you want is on it.
I was gonna suggest Overseer "Supermoves" but I don't think that's right, so never mind..
Have not seen Snatch in quite a while but I think that this is:

'Sensual Woman' by The Herbaliser

this track is on the Snatch Soundtrack. It can also be found on the Herbaliser's 'Very Mercany' release on Ninja Tune records. You can find sound samples for this and all the tracks on Very Mercany at Ninja Tune's website at Ninja Tune.

AWESOME MOVIE if you havent seen it then you need to, for people who have whats the music right after micky punches out george after they buy the broken caravan and tommy's life is in the hands of the gypsys..?

It shows the shot of the two guys arguing and goes up from georges body and then stops on tommys face while hes crying.. turkish is in the background talking..
Please, Please.

Can ANYONE help me with the following:

You people, who have seen Snatch and remember the part when Franky Four Fingers comes out of his van with a couple of different outfits.

What is the music playing the same time ??

I have absolutely every piece of music from Snatch (except the one above) and Snatches trailer. Please help. I've been searching for years.

By the way.. Hi! Im new here. This place rules!! :D

PS: Ok, ok there's one more piece of music i dont have from the movie. Namely Boris The Blade's theme (It plays almost whenever Boris is shown in the movie)

Thanks ahead.

As i said i have every piece of the soundtrack, but the piece im looking for isn't on the soundtrack. :)
Sorry, it's just that imdb usually lists more songs than those that made it to the soundtrack that's all. :(

~ Mia ~
Yeah, I know..... It's no problem :)

But somwhere out there, that song lurks..... And I'm gonna find it.......
i cant find the song when the dogs are chasing the rabbit in slomo sorta, its kinda techno if i remember correctly. please help!
actually, it's disco science by mirwais and it's off the soundtrack
Hi, iam looking for the bit of music thats played when the caravan gets tourched with the guys mom in it.
I am looking for the music being played during the bare knuckles fight scene toward the end of the movie. I have tried searching this forum first, and I have tried IMDB's soundtrack list. Any info would help, thanks.