Smirnoff vodka


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I dont know what is up with all the alcohol commercials with the sweet techno but this comercial i believe was for absolute vodka i might be wrong. But it is a bottle of vodka sitting with a black background and the bottle that is wrapped in a velvet cloth that then gets dropped of it and says absolute best vodka. The song that is playing is a techno song. Kinda laid back that sounded familar. Hoping somone knows it. If this isnt the write commercial matching the add please correct me. thanx
I sent an email and have not recieved a reply back yet
Are you thinking of that Smirnoff commercial?

If so, it might be music created solely for the ad itself; I remember a thread asking about another commercial in that Smirnoff series, where they came to the conclusion that it was an original creation.
But, I can't be sure.
I believe it is for Smirnoff because they have a commercial with a bottle wrapped in a red velvet cloth talking about it being voted the best in a blind-folded taste test.