Belvedere Vodka

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I listened to all the songs on the myspace page but it wasn't there. There were a few that didn't play. How do you know it's Count Bass D? Just curious. I'll check itunes when I get a chance. They have alot more.
i've only seen the commercial twice, and it sounded like Count Bass D to me, not RZA. the style of the pitched down vocals is signature of Count Bass D, as is the lyrical style.

it could well be RZA with pitched-down vocals.
rza usually produces tracks, so its probably not him rapping

is sorta sounds like mos def but it sucks that it's only made for the commercial :(
I e-mailed the director of the video (Vincent Gallo) through his website and he confirmed that it was made for the commercial and features both him and Rza. It's not available anywhere online. Not yet anyway......
wow it was not hard to figure this out at all. it is the rza. he produced the track and he raps on it. its not mos def, its not that other guy, hes not switching his style up, its just a commercial. there might even be a couple more of them comming out in the future.

heres the link.
WOW... I do not know what was worse... the fact that everybody kept going back and fourth on this or that it took this long and this many posts for somebody to actually answer this correctly. Its rza no its some other guy... WHY DOESNT SOMEBODY JUST SAY IT... ITS ELVIS - and he came back to life to make a vodka commercial!!!!

COME ONE GUYS... !!! to WHOMEVER was the guy that wrote to the director of the commercial... good for you. You are the SMART one. To all of you IDIOTS that after reading what this person wrote to the director and received a reply and still ARGUE that its not RZA ... well.. you do not obviously know how to read in the first place... so get off this site... off of your computer and go back to studying your Ebonics because you obviously have not had much success with them thus far.

Even BEFORE getting onto this site, I knew it was RZA because of two other videos out there that have rza in them saying "YO.. .I TEAMED UP WITH BELVEDERE AND VINCENT GALLO TO MAKE THIS SONG FOR BELVEDERE... for those of you even wondering... they recorded it in a studio called "THE LAIR" out in CA. This took all of 5 minutes of my time.. on yahoo to find all of this out.

It caught my attention especially because it sounds hauntingly a weird version of gorillaz clint eastwood with daman albarn vocals yet no del tha funkee homosapien...add rza...
It's an ad for Belvedere Vodka and the actor that stars in it is Vincent Gallo (guy under the table). I am ALSO searching for the name of the song.
i just noticed the lady who screams at the guy who painted over the painting she said, "Vincent its fabulous darling" after 200 times watching this video i just figured it out lol, but yea thats Vincent whatever his last name is see foir yourself

Hells Bells! After being led in the wrong direction to count bass d, i emailed the company and got the same answer. It's RZA, and specifically for the ad.

Sorry it took so long to get back, and for the mislead to myspace.
Thanks shawnamilligan.

As to all the debate... it's obvious it is Rza from the clip in the commercial. Aside from the fact that it sounds like him, he refers to himself as Bobby in the commercial and anybody who follows hip hop knows that many of his solo albums are released under the name 'Bobby Digital'.