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Okay, this is vague but give it a shot. I'm watching the MOJO high def channel, and a vodka commercial comes on. It's really weird, all artsy with this same guy at an old house/a party/ and then he crawls underneath a piano because water is pouring all around him. It shows the bottle, but all I could read on it was vodka and nothing else! Anyways, the song was great. I can't find the damn vodka brand because there are thousands of them....any insight would be appreciated.
There's a hiphop influenced but more chilled rap behind this ad, the one with the guy getting sprinkled and diving under the piano at a somewhat random party. Any ideas?
Here's what I could make out of the lyrics once the deeper voiced guy starts rapping. I know some are wrong & don't make sence. This is just the best that I could decifer. I would love to know what this song is. It reminds me of old Black Star.
Hocus pocus show
It's Osmosis
One kiss you doses
Got me psychosis
Show me, touch me, beat you (???)
For real
The artist is "The RZA" and I believe the song was made for the commercial but I'm not 100% sure that it is not from an album.
the rapper isn't RZA, it's Count Bass D.

im looking for this song too
the commercial is for belvedere vodka.the man that draws on the painting and goes under the piano is vincent gallo and the photographer is terry trying to find the song as well but im not surprised its hard to find.they may have had the song created just for the commercial or it could be a mix of an underground hiphop song or just plain hard to find.vincent gallo has used rare works and created some of his own songs for his works in film

I listened to all the songs on the myspace page but it wasn't there. There were a few that didn't play. How do you know it's Count Bass D? Just curious. I'll check itunes when I get a chance. They have alot more.
i'm not going to say nothing im just going to try and let you guys figure it out.. i've done all i can. i'm stumped on this one people!
The song i've been looking for starts out as a group of people. They are in what looks to be an apartment, and partying.

One guy, about half way through the commercial grabs the other guys butt. << most likely drunk.

Next some guy draws on a picture and everyone is going omgzwtfhax over it.
Then it ends with the screen saying "Indulge Responsibly"

also the lyrics, from what i heard:

hocus pocus, its osmosis,

yeah thats all i got
alright i really would love to find this song along with all of you other guys, first off im hating on the idea that its the RZA im from nyc and have grown up listening to the wu tang clan and i really doubt that the RZA would switch up his style with this kind of track. Has anyone tried emailing belvedere? or the producer of the spot?
A little bit disappointing, but this is what I've found out. The best we can hope for is that he releases an album like this:

Justin C. Matley to me

The track is a custom made track for Belvedere by Rza, formerly of WuTang Clan.

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> I have recently enjoyed your work advertising for the Belvedere vodka company. Your ad is unusual and intriguing, in particular the music. My searches for the artist and title of the track used have thus far been utterly fruitless, and I am hoping you may shed some light on this mystery. Thank you so much for any assistance in resolving this issue, as I greatly desire to hear more from the musician.
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Damn, i love that commercial as well.

The song has a super chill kinda feeling to it and i love it.

too bad it's just made for the commercial. I was hoping that they will offer the song on their website but no luck there.

it'd be so cool to have that song though
haha well... this is where i get off i guess. not much else we can do now. haha. thanks stjornurnar for doing the work none wanted to do. haha.
yeah im completley bummed i was really feeling the vibe of that song, maybe the RZA will put that out as a bonus track or something on his website, but nowadays with all of that liscening bullshit who knows.