Smirnoff vodka "Award Winning"


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I am trying to ID a song that is used in current Smirnoff ads (for "the award-winning Smirnoff"). I see it frequenlty during the Daily Show on the Comedy Network in Canada.

It is kind of an electronic song, with a guitar riff over top of that.

I guess that is kind of vague, but hopefully someone can help.

Vague I know

But at least it's connecting smirnoff to electronic music.

Plus if you're looking for the song and you have time to kill at least this was you get to gather a bunch of good music in the process. :p

I'm going to keep looking, but electronic etc. is kinda rough to pinpoint

If it's not in that list I don't know what to do. :D hope that does it for you!
it MIGHT be special cases by massive attack.. or soemthing else off their 100th window cd.. but i could be wrong because i don't know if thats the right commercial
A one-time thing was close saying its by "massive Attack" but the song is called Future Proof. Great song I highly reccomend it....that is if you like electonic music