1. H

    Smirnoff Sorbet Light

    Just saw this last night and the tune caught my ear, the vocalist sounds so familiar but I just can't place her ... the lyrics are: "Oh what a perfect day to get away from it all, want to run around and play... oh oh oh oh oh oh .... (can't make out)...let's make believe and explore all the...
  2. M

    Smirnoff THE N.O.

    There has recently been a commercial about the recruitment for the The N.O - a smirnoff social networking advertisement. Towards the end of the advert some drum and bass/ trance/ Underground music starts to play. Im wondering if anyone knows what the song is called or an artist of the similar...
  3. R

    Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade

    I am surprised no one has asked about this yet! I have to know the song in that Tuscan Lemonade ad. It got like "summer summer" something. Help me!
  4. P

    Smirnoff Mojito

    Hello everyone, recently I've been seeing this ad and the beat sounds sweet in the Smirnoff Vodka Mojito commercial. It actually sounds like a beat created just specifically for the commercial, but I suppose it could be from anywhere. If you have any leads, let me know. Thanks!
  5. C

    Smirnoff Vodka Commercial

    It is a television ad with a mostly white background, and a series of kaleidoscope images of varying drinks made with vodka with a great techno backdrop. It is farily recent and I believe it ends with vodka filling a martini glass. Anythoughts or suggestions as to what that techno song is...
  6. G


    There's a new Smirnoff ad where peopple are playing twister. I use to know who did this song but it's been ages since I've heard it and I do like it. Has anyone seen it and knows what it is?
  7. E

    Smirnoff vodka "Twisted"

    I have seen this commercial a couple of times, and have searched on here to see if anyone had posted ne thing about it. It starts off with a bottle that is blank and has a really sweet techno/dance groove playing, Then it has a metal thing on one end and the other and Twistes the bottle, and...
  8. synecdoche

    Smirnoff vodka "Award Winning"

    I am trying to ID a song that is used in current Smirnoff ads (for "the award-winning Smirnoff"). I see it frequenlty during the Daily Show on the Comedy Network in Canada. It is kind of an electronic song, with a guitar riff over top of that. I guess that is kind of vague, but hopefully...