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There's a new Smirnoff ad where peopple are playing twister. I use to know who did this song but it's been ages since I've heard it and I do like it. Has anyone seen it and knows what it is?
well it's kind of hard to describe. Guitar, female vocals more making noise than singing kind of woo hoo hoo noise (but not actually woo hoo hoo like in the Rentals Friends of P, so that is not the song, before anyone suggests that). It seems to me like it was a song by someone who had a hit and this was like the follow up but didn't go anywhere. I think you'd have to see the commercial to know what I'm talking about.
just to add some more info, if I were to compaer the sound of the song to a popular band I would say it sounded a little like Garbage, but not quite. I listened to a a lot of Garbage and that wasn't, but it does kind of sound like them.
This song can also be found in the movie "Not Another Teen Movie" kinda at the beginning of the movie when the cheerleaders are walking through the hallway of the school. I've been trying to find this song for so long and it's not on the movie soundtrack. I'd be estatic if someone could get me the name of the song and any band that does a cover of it.
Thanks, that was a big tip. Sometimes the answer is so obvious. The song is Yoo Hoo by Imperial Teen from their album What is Not To Love. Thanks for the not Another Teen Movie hint. I looked it up on internet movie database and they had all the songs that were in the movie listed and then I got the soundclip from CD universe. The album doesn't seem to be in print, but probably easy to scrounge from ebay. It's also on their live album.
I found the Imperial Teen album at Amazon. They're out of stock right now, but there are a bunch of used ones available. Also available at CD Universe.