Smirnoff vodka "Twisted"


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I have seen this commercial a couple of times, and have searched on here to see if anyone had posted ne thing about it. It starts off with a bottle that is blank and has a really sweet techno/dance groove playing, Then it has a metal thing on one end and the other and Twistes the bottle, and Green lables are placed onto it. "HENCE" Smernoff twisted. I Hope somone recognizes the tune they got playing during this cuz its definatly a good one.
I've seen the commercial too and I'm pretty sure it's not Future Proof if my memory serves me. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the name of that song yet either, but I'm searching some other sites for you to see if anyone else does.
Im pretty sure that it isnt the same listed in the previous thread. I know that there are a bunch of smirnoff commercials out there so you could easily mix them up. To re-fresh anyones memory, it starts off making a fake cutting noise, almost like a buzzying and its peeling a green apple. then turns into bottle and the metal things twist the bottle.