Sleeman Silver Creek lager

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I am wondering if anyone has seen this ad yet? it has a series of different images incorporating the bottleneck label to a bottle of Sleeman Silver Creek lager. there is a DJ with the labels wrapped around his dreadlocks, a label hald turned over with a phone number written on it, a woman holding up her hand and the label is wrapped around her ring finger, etc. I just started seeing the ad in the last couple of weeks on the local CTV affiliate (I am in Canada, I don`t know if the ad is being aired outside of the country or not.)

Never heard of the beer, so it might just be airing up in Canada. Does the beer have a website? Maybe the ad is available for viewing on there somewhere...

Can you describe the music any? Tempo, genre, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc.??
the music is pretty fast. sounds a little like drum and bass (maybe), but there are some lyrics - just hard to make out. the three principal sounds I can make out are a person's voice (man or woman, I can't tell, there might be some distortion on it), a heavy beat, and maybe some turntable scratching?

the something something, on and on
ev'rybody something on and on (repeat)

I'm not sure if those are the lyrics, but they have that cadence: evenly spaced syllables, then a series of 4 or 5 quick syllables, and a repeating last few words.

The website is, sadly, under construction. I've been trying to flip through investor relations articles and press releases but, so far, to no avail
unfortunately, no. not even close.

the music in the ad has this scratching sound throughout, and it is more prevalent; sort of layered over the rest of the song. the lyrics are much higher pitched. possibly a woman, possibly a man with a high-pitched voice. There is strain to the voice, like they are shouting, or shouting a chant.
Well, we have some really musically inclined people that have identified songs on less info than what you've provided, so there's a chance someone will recognize it. However, most of our regular posters are in the US... so it may be a few days before more people from Canada see the ad or respond on this Forum. :)

Anyway, in the meantime I'd suggest contacting the Sleeman Silver customer service and asking if they have info on the song/artist or the ad agency that produced the spot. It's worth a shot.
well, I'll be damned:

Thank you for your inquiry. Glad to hear you enjoy the song! I understand the song may be purchased at

Artist: Amon Tobin
Title: Verbal
Record (label): Ninja Tune
If you visit this web site, it will provide a fair bit of information about the artist.
Have a great day!

FYI in case anyone else sees the ad and wants to know. Thank you again to Michelle.
Hey there... lol we meet again on another site... I got the same email from Sleeman.

However, the song on the album is NOT the song version in the ad.

So, I did some more digging... turns out the actual version of the song used is Verbal [Topo Gigio Remix]... Trust me, its the right version!
If anyone wants to see either the Silver Creek commercial or the Sleeman Clear commercial, you can see them on (The website is now up and running)

Click on advertising and you can view them all. Unfortunately, it does not state who the artists are.
Sleeman Silver Creek

Hi, i'm looking for the sleeman silver creek commercial song's name. I went to and under the QUEBEC TV ADDS i saw two of the three adds which play on TV. Unfortunatly i'm looking for the track name of that third commercial. The commercial consist of poeple sitting down in a bar, and the song is very slow and it has a beat with the sound of piano keys being played. It sounds like a lounge track, its very good and i'm dying to know where i could find that track.

Thanks for your help!!!