Mars Bars + Snickers - Back In NSW


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**I will be as absoloutley descriptive as possible**

Alright, There was an AD on TV not long ago on Channel 9 (/Prime) in Australia for Mars + Snickers. I wan't to know what the music used was.

I watched the ad quite a few times but couldn't get any of the lyrics really, but off a fluke it sounds like "Butter is good" (could be better is good?) then "butter is ???" (once more, "better is ???").

The ad contents: I belive it was a compilation of ads previously used by mars + snickers, and had these scenes (that I can remember) in it
-2 males sitting on a car eating a bar
-Somebody walking to an "earth" vending machine, with the earth in the BG
-somebody jumping from a diveboard onto a pool of silver liquid, and bouncing off
-(in 2 scenes) A male and female blinking. Sideways.
-A drag queen on a beach rubbing something on her face + neck

The ad was made because Mars + Snickers were removed from shelves in Sydney, and this was informing the general public that they were back.

At the end it had a website ( which redirects to, in which I have looked around in "the mars directory", and search by brand. The marsbar link comes back to, and snickers has 2 links, 1 of which goes back to the mars site, and has nothing.

Please help, I will edit my post (if possible w/ IPB) or post more info if i think of it.
I have a little more info:

It possibly was also on Channel 7 & it was about a month ago

Anyone know?