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I just saw an ad for Sleeman's Clear. The ad showed two or three people (at least one man and one blonde woman) seated in a modern urban apartment, and they were obviously overheated (if the hair sticking to their heads was any indication). Man get's up, fetches beer from cooler, and returns. He places the bottle on the table, and it strats to rise upward, only to be pushed back down before it can float away.The bottles of Ale were floating around the room in a sort of hallucinagenic manner. The music is question had a typical urban beat sound, followed by a bell or keyboard (heavily synthesized) and at the end of the commercial, there was a woman whispering some words that I coudn't make out. Sounded very Moby to me, but I'm a rookie who knows nothing. I know this isn't of much help, but I figure this commercial will likely air in many North American places, perhaps even in Europe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I emailed the customer service over at Sleeman about this and here is their answer:


Thank you for contacting us. We have had lots of inquiries about the music for both this ad. The music from the Sleeman Clear floating bottle was created specifically for the commercial. It's a great tune but unfortunately I don't have an artist or CD to refer you to.

Great to hear from you! Have a wonderful weekend!

Consumer Relations
Sleeman Breweries Ltd

Sorry man... we can't get that song...