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This is a challenge for people who know their promo music. There is a promo for the show 'six feet under' running on the canadian channel showcase that features some really cool violin music and a funk drum beat.

I'm thinking similar music could have been used in SFU promos on other channels, and it was also reportedly used in the a&e show 'all the president's kids' (which i have done all the standard searches on and nothing has come up)

so if everyone could check it out, maybe a soul out there knows what this piece of music is.

Thanks so much
I'm in FL so of course I haven't seen it, and that link you posted gave me an error so I can't hear it.. but give Thomas Newman a try. He does the theme song and I'm pretty sure he works on the soundtrack too.. anyway, maybe he did the promo too. Worth a shot. (shrug)
Hi, I was just wondering what the song is for the promo for the new season of Six Feet Under. Words in the song include "freedom" and, I think, "I feel fine." Has a big band sound to it. Thanks.
the song you are looking for is "feelin' good" done by nina simone. i love love LOVE that song, and if you're interested, there's an awesome remix of it circulating by joe claussel (it's on the album 'verve remixed'). :D
Hey I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song used in the Six Feet Under promo for the new season (4th I think). The promo show the cast in a grocery store. Any info would help!
What is the name of the song being played during the trailer for the new season of Six Feet Under? Its got the cast running around well im assuming the nutritional produce store, they are all shopping claire is singing and playing with oranges. It also features the father in the freezer. So yeah any one knoe the song?
Ok, try viewing it at, then got to the left click on "Six Feet Under" and then at the very bottom of the episode disriction it says in the same font/size "View the trailer for the new season of Six Feet Under!" then thier is a camera and a choice of either Quicktime or RealPlayer. The music starts with a blues sound then goes into a jazz, by the by I dont know musci so I could be wrong it could be "bluegrass" for all I know. Some of the lyrics I picked out, "And I feel Good....You Kow How I Feel....Freedom is mine....its a new life.....and im feeling good. You should proboblay just listen for yourself.

P.S. Avitar is cool because KILL BILL is cool.
Stephanie!!!!!!!! And Blamo. I'm pretty sure that's MUSE. Covering "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone. I can't find a sample though. :angry:
The thing is it's all horns and the Muse version is keys, drums & guitars. It doesn't exactly sound like Bellamy singing either. But it does have that weird vocals thing like their cover. Maybe he did a remix for the show? :unsure:
haha good call fitzypoo!

yeah, it's nina simone, but it's the original version of "feelin' good"'s just that good it sounds like it's been remixed. the remixed version is on The Verve Remixed by joe claussell. muse did a cover of this song??? i have to hear it!

blamo...of COURSE kill bill is cool! oh and don't forget to use the search option :angel:
Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing in the Six Feet Under New Season Promo Commersial, where they are walking through a grocery store? Any help will be much appreciated.
The song is "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone

Hey next time try using the search because I posted the same question like just a week ago.

any who have fun
Hey I was watching an add for Season 4 of Six Feet Under. It has the cast walking through a grocery store singing to the song. All I remember about the song is it has the words "freedom". It sounds older.

I know someone posted the link to a song earlier but I couldn't hear it and I'm looking for the artists name.

If anybody knows could you tell me please. I would forever be in your debt (well not really)
I'm trying to find out the song that is bing played during the Six Feet Under promo for the new season on HBO. It's very jazzy, and old time soul. I can't think of any lyrics but it's shoot in a ggrocery store.
Well, I e-mailed the source, and here's what I got:

Hello, John. This promo was produced in-house. Before I responded to you, I checked and was told the music tracks had been changed and the information was no longer available.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Showcase Viewer Relations

Oh well, guess another musical mystery remains.

John H.
Thanks John,
I thought this thread would disappear into the nether regions once again - thanks so much for going out of your way. I haven't started emailing companies about music yet - maybe I should start as it looks like if I had done this earlier I may have gotten a response.

Thanks again
I just heard a promo on HBO for the new Six Feet Under season. The cast was in a grocery store pushing carts and stuff. A part of the lyrics kept repeating "you know how I feel." Does anyone know the name?
Wrong-song is NOT by Nina Simone. She may have covered it, but the song is from a relatively obscure Broadway Musical, circa 1965, called "The Roar of the Greasepaint (the smell of the crowd)" and the song, "Feeling Good" is part of the score by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse sp?)
interesting info! i learn something everyday about the songs i love ;) but i think michelle just meant nina simone was singing it, but didn't actually write it or anything... :rolleyes:
Yep. For practicalities sake, Nina Simone is who frosty_mcfrost is looking for. ;)

Unless there's a new promo? :unsure:
Nina made the song her own and her version is the one used in the HBO promo.