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:ph34r: Sorry I should have included this in my last post. I was wondering what that instrumental tune in the new Sharp Aquos commercials was. It was a bunch of violins and a soft electronic beat. The commercial shows some kids jumping on the bed watching TV, then a couple lounging watching their TV and then a bunch of people dancing with a pic of a DJ on the TV. Thanks. Sorry if this is a repeat question.
I don't think it is a repeat since I did a search to find it after I saw that ad. I love that tune, let us know if you find it before someone can answer ya.
I've been watching to see if anyone finds the name of that tune. I like it too. Hope somebody comes up with it.
I found a little info on that tune. Oasis Advertising has the Sharp account, and Amber Music in New York did the music. If you go to Amber Music it's listed under Nik Lemen as the writer. ( The Sharp ad w/ the music is on both of their websites). I haven't heard if it's available in any way yet, but will post it if it is.
KSparks, do you have a direct link to the sites you were talking about? I can't find it on either of the sites