Scion xA and xB

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Someone has GOT to know this. The new Scion ad, featuring both the xA and xB. they are just riding around town (I think). There is some sort of rock song played in the background......anyone know?

Thanks in advance!
Yeah, I kept meaning to post that question.. the song kicks so much ass, sounds a little like Rob Zombie or maybe Powerman 5000 but I don't know what it is.
I'd never even heard of Scion til I saw this ad, so I don't think there's a lot of commercials floating around.. I've only seen the one where the car (which looks like a Honda Element to me, but whatever) morphs into a metallic robot mountain lion looking thing with all these Matrix plugs running down it's back.. and then the cat thing runs, then turns back into a car.
I am not sure if the commercial blue honda girl is talking about is the same one dascoot is, but I managed to find this about the ad featuring the robotic cat. I contacted Ambience Entertainment to inquire about the music being used.
The ad's at the very bottom of that link, where it says MEDIA.. so anyone who hasn't seen it can check it out. I just can't make out any of the lyrics.. :unsure:
It's something like:
This *something* gonna break you break you
Transformer (?) *something something*

I did a search for as many of those lyrics as I could string together, and came up with A Shrine - Break as the only result but the lyrics for that song don't quite match up..
I received a strange e-mail reply with a couple fwds. from a couple different countries, and it says it was created by Human.
I wanted the song as well and still do and to me it sounds ALOT like Static-X or at least Wayne Static singing but I emailed customer service for Scion about the song used in the commercial and the reply I got said the following:

Thank you for contacting Scion.
We apologize but the music in our Scion commercials are created in house and cannot be purchased.

Needless to say I'm extremely disappointed. That song sounds like it'd be so good. However, I refuse to give up and accept this as a final answer and so I'm still searching for this song. If anyone has any further information about the song, please share it...
Lost Boy already gave the answer.. if you go to the link he provided, you'll see under SCION the ad with the music they created. Damn shame..
I did give the answer, yes. However, the original poster was looking for a different song used from a different Scion commercial. The music she wants is sort of tribal.
Does anyone know the music playing in the new Scion commercial?
I can't recall any of the lyrics but the song is kick ass.
Did you search? Is that the same ad you're referring to?

If not, can you describe the ad and the music?
Yeah. i think so because that's the only Scion commercial out right now i think..
Everyone was saying something different, so now im confused... What's the actual name of the song and artist?

The ad itself is kind of graphic, and it says graphics, or design by someone.. The music is somewhat hard edged.. lyrics@! I dont know when i see it again i'll post what i get from it!

I think it was determined the song was done by a music house called Human -- just for the ad.
The Ad he's talking about is for the xA/xB.
Its labeled as Scion by Rob, Sci-Fi addict. I'm interested too, anyone know the name of the artist/song title it would be apprecaited.
Did you use search? There have been several of these ads asked about previously. Which one are you referring to? Can you describe the ad or the music?
Does anybody know the title of the song where the two scions are slowly cruising down the street and the camera goes through a bunch of rooms with windows?