1. bryt


    Dada Life - Smile Your're on Dada I had been looking for this for a while, and i'm pretty sure some of you were too, its one sexy electronic beat! Enjoy!
  2. G

    Scion XD

    I'm wondering who did the music for the new commercial for the scion xd? it's techno and extremely catchy
  3. L

    Scion "Microsampling" Are these all made solely for use by the wanna-be young hip cool cats at scion? can i have some of this music? Glitch FTW
  4. D

    Scion tC "Samples"

    I was watching this commercial earlier and I tried to remember the name of the car they were advertising...but i forgot. <_< Hopefully my description will be enough...sorry if this has already been posted. It was this one car...they didn't show any driving or anything...they just used special...
  5. S

    Scion tC 2009

    What's the name of this song. If it's commercial only, who made it? It's so addicting and catchy! :D Thanks in advance!
  6. farbeyond

    Scion XB 2008

    Does anyone know the song used in the new 2008 Scion XB commercial used here? It might be made just for the commercial based on the comments on youtube.
  7. T

    Scion 2008

  8. B

    Scion United by Individuality

    I just recently saw a new Scion ad, there was every model of Scion and they were all meeting out in the desert, then some guy gives a speech, but there was an awesome techno song playing, anyone know what it is?
  9. C


    i know a ton of people have asked about scion but they are describing a specific model and i dont know if thats the one i'm thinkin of ...and too, no one has described the ad/commercial yet!!! well the commercial i'm talkin bout is showing the car (some compact model) driving through the...
  10. ImtryingtoSleep

    Scion "What Moves You"

    Scion "What Moves You" Hi, does anyone have an idea on what songs as in the new Scion - what moves you ads? I've seen two different ones so far. They're both techno ish
  11. suragan


    Maybe it's not as new as I think it is, but yesterday, I saw a Scion commercial with a fantastic techno beat. Anyone recognize it..?
  12. E


    I saw this commerical at the movie theater right before StarWars Episode 3. Cool background music I'm still looking for it. Transforms to the groove
  13. I


    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the track in the Scion car commercial, where the car is driving through a city street. As the music beats, the camera passes through the building, and everything going on in the background is matching the bass track? I have checked the SCION website...
  14. N

    Scion "Battle Me"

    probably posted already... but i am looking for the scion commercial song that goes "do you wanna battle me, battle me". can NE1 help?
  15. B

    Scion tC

    I saw a Scion commercial for the new tC in the movie theater. The commercial was like a Scion in a video game. Anyone know that song? heres a link: want tC click want tC, skip intro, under "contemplate", choose video, and click the "3d artist" video.
  16. B

    Scion xA and xB

    Someone has GOT to know this. The new Scion ad, featuring both the xA and xB. they are just riding around town (I think). There is some sort of rock song played in the background......anyone know? Thanks in advance!