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I saw a Scion commercial for the new tC in the movie theater. The commercial was like a Scion in a video game.

Anyone know that song?

heres a link: want tC
click want tC, skip intro, under "contemplate", choose video, and click the "3d artist" video.
I know what you are talking about. Sci-Fi freak 1? Yea that song is nice . I'll try find it. I also liked the Light Designer song.
I just saw the scion tc commercial and it has a sweet techno beat sound to it, im not sure if this has been asked already i used the search for scion tc but had no luck, and searched the forum. Hope someone recognizes the music.
iv had no luck searching on google and other search engines anyone else have some luck?
it's the new sicon commercial witht eh silver cars. It's a a techno beat to it.
I assume you're referring to the SCION tC?

There are already a number of threads on this topic.
Originally posted by sophist@Oct 31 2004, 03:57 PM
I assume you're referring to the SCION tC?

There are already a number of threads on this topic.
well I searcghed and got 3 one is mine, the other is the same as this one, but no replies and the other isn't the one <_<
Anyone know the music tied to the new Scion by Rob (Sci-Fi--metal beast turns into car) commercial? Would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


Did you try searching? There are a number of threads on this topic...
I to am looking for this Scion song and have had no luck "searching" for the other many topics on this.. there are only 3. So if there are more that cannot be located by the search, please show me them... <_<
Oh I am sorry. I am looking for the Scion tC commercial song. The commercial where the car is on a highway and two jets are chasing it and shooting missles. It has a bunch of special effects going on too. Thats about all the commercial is about... any help?
The music for this spot was also produced by Human Worldwide exclusively for the ad.

The commercial can be viewed on the Human.

(Click on 'Reels', then select 'Scion - 3D Artist')