Saturn Ion "Now Leaving Childhood"


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Saturn Ion "Now Leaving Childhood"

I'm looking for the band and cd and I cant remember which car ad it goes with but the lyric is
" I'm a modern guy" -it's not iggy pop and I think the rest is " I don't go-go or go for the retro"? but I have no clue.
all help will be much appreciated
if it helps it sounds sorta like The walkmen. Trendy car rather new.
Hey. I used to know this song when I heard it the first time, but I TOTALLY forgot, it's an older Mitsubishi commercial with the car driving with some passengers in it somewhere, and they drive through this odd place with a million kids out there playing on swings n' stuff. The beginning of the song starts with a piano, it's a repeating melody and then drums start to play with a man singing in it too later on. And in the commercial as they drive out that town, they head for another town called "Old Age" or SOMETHING like that, that's sorta the joke of it, but yeah. I used to know that song, I believed it was called "Walk on By" by someone I dont' remember, but when I tried to download it, I found a billion different "Walk on By"s by so many other artists, and maybe I was wrong and wasn't called that at all, so if anyone could help me, THANKS! lol
Sorry if this is pretty hazy, but I don't remember the car brand or anything. I think it was aired a lot this past summer. People are in the car and they're slowly passing and looking at these different stages in life. Houses, kids playing, stuff like that. Piano music in the background but I can't remember any of the lyrics. Sounder like a older band like the Doors or the Rolling Stones.
hrm...not much to go on. ;)

i think saturn had a commercial that featured we've been had by the walkmen. check track 8 here.

hope that helps.

There was one that had Forever Young by Alphaville. The commercial featured kids dressed in prom clothes
You can do a search on our Forums for Saturn Ion -- there were four different ads that covered different stages of life. They've all been identified. Just be sure to change the search date to "any date."
There have been many topics on car commercials and their theme music, and even some have been answered. However, with this commercial i have yet to find the right song. This commercial, and 2 others after it, all used the same song. It was a simple 5-note piano instrumental that started slow then went into a normal drum beat. Very basic and very good.
Now, the three car commercials all used the same theme and same idea, people driving thru towns or cities named things like "Wonderland" or "Happytown" or something of that nature. I remember the first one having three college-aged kids driving on a road with nothing in sight and passing a sign that read "Now leaving Happytown" or something like that. I went to the car manufacturers site but with no luck (and since i had given up my search for it i forgot all about what car or company it was). If anyone can remember (as this song was also played on the radio and had lyrics) i would love you forever.
Thanks to any and all who've been able to answer my questions too.
The Saturn Ion "Now Leaving Childhood" commercial used "We've Been Had" by The Walkmen.
Okay I heard this song on the indie station here (Orlando), and instantly recognized the piano intro from some commercial, not from long ago, but still fairly recent. All I remember is maybe raindrops in the commercial? And the piano go DOO DOO DOO, doodoodoodoo DOO DOO DOO, doodoodoodoo DOO DOO DOO. I tried my hardest to comprehend the lyrics, so that I could google them (I'm not lazy, I wanna know that song!!), but it was like at 2 in the morning, so they had slipped my mind the next day.

Maybe there is someone out there who went through what I am goin gthrough and succeeded??
"We've Been Had" by the Walkmen =)

I heard it on the radio again last night, and I ALMOST forgot the words to google again!! Thanks for your help, even though I wasn't all that clear on describing it!!!

car commercial mid-2000s

There was a car commercial, around 2003/4/5, maybe VW Jetta (?), that had this song that started like a nursery rhyme I believe. You see the people in their new car driving away from their old selves who were playing in their yards, including jumping rope. It always made me sad and long for being young. I used to play it on youtube all the time. I can't, for the life of me, remember the song. I think it has in the title: _____ _____ Over. Please help.
Re: car commercial mid-2000s

It kind of reminds me of the song "No Surprises," by Radiohead.
Re: car commercial mid-2000s

I figured it out. LOL. We've Been Had, by the Walkmen. It's a Saturn Ion commercial from 2003. Thanks, everyone :)