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    Saturn "Excuse Me"

    In the late 90's or early 00's, there was a Saturn Commercial with the moon asking "Excuse me, is that a Saturn?" Someone please tell me the name of the song playing. It's almost a standard I think.
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    Saturn Vue

    I have a similar question on the music in the latest Saturn Vue commercial I saw this week. I checked the song listed on the last post and that's not it. the commercial is posted on You Tube The lyrics sound like,"I think that you should know that it's time for us to go..." The car in the...
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    2008 Saturn Vue "Transformation"

    Does anyone know the song featured in one of their latest commercials? I forgot exactly what happens in it, but I remember there was a cool guitar riff, reminiscent of Mogwai. And no, the song is not "Higher" by Soundcage.
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    2005 Saturn Vue Redline

    There's a new Saturn VUE Redline commerical playing; a man speaks directly to the camera, relating an anecdote (which is illustrated in inserts) in a manner that makes it seem like he's talking about an outing cruising with cohorts of his own age group. Near the end, though, it is revealed that...
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    Saturn Ion?

    There is this Saturn commercial I think it's for the Ion and it had this awesome rock song in it! It starts off with a guitar riff and then the drums and bass come in and the vocals are kinda falsetto. The song is in 3/4 time and it kinda sounds like Sloan or something. Anyone know what song...
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    Saturn Ion "Now Leaving Childhood"

    Saturn Ion "Now Leaving Childhood" I'm looking for the band and cd and I cant remember which car ad it goes with but the lyric is " I'm a modern guy" -it's not iggy pop and I think the rest is " I don't go-go or go for the retro"? but I have no clue. all help will be much appreciated thanks
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    Saturn ion

    I checked the search engine and most of the questions were from last year so excuse me if this is a repost. :huh: I am thinking th lastest commercial which features the ion GETTING BANGED UP IS BY THE GROUP ming& fs. They did the nissan altima commercial that featured the car noises. But im...
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    1990s Saturn assembly line

    Does anyone recall a Saturn car commercial from around 1996 - 98 where there is a moving shot within a Saturn car plant that's in black and white. In the background there is a very busy sounding acid jazz/latin feeling song with a flute and a electric keyboard playing a melody. I have been...
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    Saturn Vue

    saturn vue commercial..."Now Tell me What's the word...."... funky riff...what is the song?
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    Saturn Ion

    In this saturn ion commercial clowns are being captured and taken away in the car and some pretty catchy music is in the background. can anybody help me out?