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There is this Saturn commercial I think it's for the Ion and it had this awesome rock song in it! It starts off with a guitar riff and then the drums and bass come in and the vocals are kinda falsetto. The song is in 3/4 time and it kinda sounds like Sloan or something. Anyone know what song it is? It always plays during hockey games, but it hasn't for a while now. PLEASE HELP!!
Ah not really, most times I see it I've been too caught up in a hockey game to notice but the song sticks with me....I think there is a car driving through a foresty highway and there are people in the car...oh crap I dunno, that's not much help is it? Well the song is in my head. Tell you what... tonight I wil record myself playing the song on my guitar. Maybe that will help.
Hey I keep having this song from the Saturn Ion Commercial in my head, and I NEED to find out what it is!!! I recorded myself playing it on my guitar. I dont know the words so I just played the vocal melody on my guitar too.

Can someone tell me what song this is?!?!?!

I don't really remember what happens in the commercial, I think its just a car with people in it driving on a forest surrounded highway, then on some other highways, but this song plays in the background the whole time. HELP!!
I found this on a person's blog.. if it was a saturn ion commercial, and not another model of saturn, then it could be one of four new commercials.. "childhood", "prom night", "college", and "wedding"... I've heard the other three / seen them on tv already . .. so by process of elimination i'm guessing "college" . lol . anway, the song on the "college" commerical is "Tiny Spark" by Brendan Benson.
I just listened to "Tiny Spark" and I'm pretty certain that's not the song he's after. I checked all the Saturn ads from that campaign (College, Prom, Marriage, Childhood) and it was none of those. I remember the version he played on the guitar, and I can sort of remember the ad... Hmm...
Oh man, I was really hopefull there and I COMPLETELY appreciate all the effort by you guys, but none of those songs are it (Well I couldn't hear any Elias Arts Music but I doubt that's it)

Maybe that was an old list of songs, perhaps this ad is too new. It came out about a month ago. The song starts off exactly like I played it on the guitar, sounds just like that.

Well If anyone sees that ad, be sure to drop me a line!!

Thanks so much!

This commercial has been haunting me as well, the problem is you can't understand any of the lyrics. And what makes it even harder is the fact that Saturn uses the same song in two different commercials. I believe one of them is for the Ion or the Vue and then the other is just for Saturn in general. The generic Saturn one is the one that has the bikers in it. They're driving down a country Hwy folled by each of the cars in the Saturn fleet. The last car in the convoy is a Black Vue. Hopefully theis added info will help.
I know the song during the Saturn Vue commerical is Pas/Cal's "The Bronze Beach Boys (C'mon let's go)."
I've had huge success with Saturn's customer service is this regard in the past... Back when Saturn's latest was the 'no cars' commercial, the one where people were just running around on the roads, I emailed Saturn and was given the answer in a few days...

In short, don't be shy, they're very friendly and helpful.
Oh and by the way, the song turned out to be 'Sonatine Disparue', supposedly commissioned by Saturn... such a let down.

Oh, and tyler, I did the same exact thing with this song, by playing on the piano this tune so I could finally get my sister to understand why I was going insane... ;)

Anyways, good luck with your endeavors... sorry all I could give you was advice and not an answer...

EDIT: Ah, apparently the people belonging to this forum are too good... that Saturn song I mentioned had already been discussed! In the other thread, it said there was a full version of the song available though, making me skeptical as to whether it was commissioned by Saturn or not.

Also, the song this thread refers to is beginning to drive me nuts. I haven't even seen the commercial! Someone find it, before I completely lose my head! :blink:
OK So i finally emailed Saturn and here's what they said:

"Hello Tyler,
We appreciate the time you have taken to write to Saturn. I am very sorry, but we are unable to receive attachments. Because of this, I was not able to listen to your song. If you could take a moment and provide me with some additional information about the commercial I would be more than happy to find the information for you.
Thank you again for writing."

Now heres my problem. I haven't seen the ad EVER SINCE I began wanting to see it!!! So If I could describe the exact ad, believe me I would. If anyone has seen the ad with this song in it, feel free to write to Saturn ( and describe the ad to them in detail. I believe short clips of this song also play in other Saturn ads....just to complicate things further.

SlimJackson: What is the other post about this ad? Were there any ideas about what song this could be?
I stumbled across this site looking for the info about the same Saturn commercial.
In Montréal the commerical is played all the time ... and not to repeat too much, but I have it stuck in my head as well.

Here's some added info:
The announcer's dialogue goes something like: "once you drive a Saturn, you'll never want to drive anything else again" or "that's all that you'll want to drive"

There are four middle aged bikers in leather sitting in the sedan, with bikers infront and behind the car.

All that I could pick out from the song was "keep movin' on (duh x8)" and "it's so small ... it's so tall".

Hmm I would rewrite this vague description to Saturn myself, but perhaps the person that e-mailed them the attachment would get farther with an e-mail sent as a reply.
I too am intrigued with this song.

There is a second commercial where the “dent resistant” panels of different Saturn vehicles are shown. Near the end the same song is played with a referral to the ion I believe, hope this sheds more light on the subject.
I've also been looking for this song, the commercial still airs here, theres a few with that song in them, one is the cars driving in the wooded area, the other is the bikers, and the ION in the middle with some people in it, another shows a fire hall, and the bell rings, all these fire fighters come out, and jump in their trucks, and one of them looks over to find one of the men is missing, then it cuts to a neighbourhood setting and shows the fireman driving a Black Saturn View, and it says "once you own a saturn, it'll be the only thing you'll want to drive..." or something like that,
What you want to do is call the agency Goodby Silverstein. They did the spot and they're located in San Francisco. Tell them you want to speak to someone in the Production Department who might be able to help you answer a question about the Saturn work.
nothing new on this? I e-mail Saturn a while ago, said the song, was:
"The Boys Are Back in Town- Thin Lizzy" but it does'nt sound like it. :(
Response to my query of G.M. Canada …

Mr. ,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the recent Saturn commercial. The
Advertising Department has advised that the music from the commercial is an
original score developed by a music house in Toronto, therefore there is no
name/title for the music.

We appreciate the positive feedback.