2005 Saturn Vue Redline


Reaction score
There's a new Saturn VUE Redline commerical playing; a man speaks directly to the camera, relating an anecdote (which is illustrated in inserts) in a manner that makes it seem like he's talking about an outing cruising with cohorts of his own age group. Near the end, though, it is revealed that he's talking about a ride with his kids. A line from near the reveal is something like: "..knockin' back a couple of juiceboxes, on our way to a pizza party. Cruisin'." His vehicle is a pure, glossy black, and appears driving in a downtown urban area of wide streets and glass skyscrapers.

Throughout the commerical, there plays in the background a simple, deep basslined contemporary piece. I don't think that there are any defined vocals, but there might be some indefined vocalisation, a sort of scatting. The music's sound is along the lines of contemporary pop and/or commercial hiphop, what's popularly (generally incorrectly) thought of as hiphop. I think as well, there's a plinking, childish-sounding instrumental sample in the song somewhere -- a xylophone, maybe an upright piano or something.

Any help's much appreciated!
Well whaddayaknow, it is the real hiphop!

Thanks very much!