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anyone recognize the accoustic song playing at the very end of the episode when Denis Leary is about to light himself on fire? sounds a little like Ray LaMontagne but i am not sure.

any help is appreciated.

Yeah, dude. Nice call on Ray Lamontagne. That's a cool song and I tried to find out who sang it right after the 1st week's show but had no luck. It's "Burn" by the way, pretty appropriate title. Thanks alot for IDing it for me.
Wondering if anybody could help me find the name of a song and whoever sings it.

The song played near the end of "Rescue Me" on FX, 7/12/05. It was a scene where Dennis Leary's character walked into a liquor store to purchase alcohol, and therefor 'fall off of the wagon' again.

The main chrous of this song was..."Don't forget the alcohol..."

Any help would be appreciated.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me the song that appeared on the latest episode. The song was played at the end of the episode with the chorus going something along the lines of "I can't be broken down". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I was wondering who does that song, too. It's awesome. I found this song by The National. It sounds just like it, however, at the end of the lyrics they are quoting the Afghan Whigs with "Don't forget the alcohol, ooh baby, ooh baby."
Here's a link to the lyrics:

Slipping Husband lyrics

And when you read the lyrics, it really fits the character Denis Leary plays!

Oh and FYI, Tommy didn't really get drunk. He did what people in recovery call "playing the tape to the end." Meaning, he imagined what would happend had he actually drank. So, he didn't really "fall off the wagon." Hence the meaning of the song (according the lyrics I found) are quite fitting! Peace!
Man I know that song is drving me nuts. This season by far has had the best music.
Found a song called BROKEN by a band called Alaska. (track 4) Could that be it?
what is the name of the song that is the last song played ont eh most recent rescue me episode?
whats the name of the song they played last on the latest episode?
I too am searching for the song that was played at the end of tonights August 9th episode of Rescue Me. The chorus says, " That not everything is gonna be the way you think it otta be..."
Please tell me the title and artist....
That would be Sheryl Crow, "I Shall Believe" and i have it on yousendit, if you want it ;)
Thanks elroydunkin.....I would love to have that not familiar with yousendit. How doed that work?
There seem to be three separate threads on this question. Two of which, you started.

Anyway, answer is Sheryl Crow "I Shall Believe".

Don't repost the same question though.
Rescue Me

Anyone know the final song that was playing in the scene with all the candles in tonight's episode of Rescue Me?
someone said on the fx board that it's sang by Greg Dulli ... but i'm not sure at all

and the lyric goes like "how i love is, so come feel it i suppose....." somehting like that

Update: Name of the song is "Pussywillow" by Greg Dulli, the album called Amber Headlights, which is not release yet. this is from the FX board.
Does anyone know the song / artist which played just as the episode was drawing to a close? Tommy was entering his home as the song was playing.