Rescue Me Season 2


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FX Premiered a promo for the 2nd Season of Rescue Me this week, In the the promo they had this song playing and the song had the word "fire" in it. If anyone knows, please tell me
Yep, Thats the song.

Thanks alot for the help, I looked all over other messageboards for it and people were just as clueless as me. I'll make sure to spread the word.
what is the song playing towards the end of the promo for the new season of Rescue Me
Can you describe it? Any lyrics? Vocals? Genre?
What is the new rescue me tune? The old one was "Under Pressure" by Bowie and Queen, but they have this really cool new one....
I searched this site, but I can't find it anywhere. You don't really hear much of it in the ad, but it's most apparant at the end of the commercial. Please help, it would be much appreciated!!!
Does anyone know the song when Dennis Leary is falling from the building in the commercial