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Rescue Me

Does anyone know the name of the song from the commercial for that new FX show, "Rescue Me"?, the one about the firemen?
It's David Bowie for sure. I think it's "Under Pressure" but not positive. Just can't remember right this second.

I'm pretty sure that's it. I'll watch for the promo again but maybe someone can confirm it before that
The song that Vanilla Ice sampled, eh?

Off topic but it's 1 in the morning, so I'm entitled to it...The moon is so close tonight...hovering just above that nasty purple night sky, with a hint of orange.
I know the Vanilla Ice one but whats the other one? and can someone tell me where i might be able to find the song? I guess you could call it the theme song for the show Rescue me thats gonna come out soon on FX.

haha i think fitzy had a slight heart attack at that one! hahahahah :D
Yep. <_< I just don't get all this ripping off, errrr I mean SAMPLING, of music. :p
The song has the exact same beat as "Ice Ice Baby", but obviously sounds alot better. And its on a preview of some show in the FX about firefighters.

Any help is much appreciated. THaNX
I knew it was something like that, but i didn't want to make things complicated.

Thanks! :D
Do you mean the song Niller Popsicle ripped off? <_<
It was Queen and Bowie. ;) I made the mistake of not mentioning Queen the last time this was asked. Ohhhhhh the shaaaaaaame. :blush:
Did anyone else catch "I LoveThe 90's" and see Vanilla Ice trying to say he didn't steal that music? ROFLMAO.

P.S. MICHELLE.......I finally saw W. Hung trying to do "We Are The Champions." :angry:
yeah, we saw the vanilla ice thing... totally lame. he could hardly say it with a straight face!! :angry:
"theirs goes 'ding ding ding ding dingy ding ding; ding ding ding dingy ding ding'. MINE goes 'ding ding ding dingy ding ding; DING ding ding ding dingy ding ding'. it's not the same!"

see what one whole DING can do?