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Hi everyone!
There's a new commercial from Renault, one with all the multiple-use cars and it has COOL music!
Does anybody know the song?
Renault now have a website dedicated to their TV advertising.

Can you let us know which one you are referring to?
it doesn't exist in that website.
the ad was lounched just 2 weeks ago in Greece.
Perhaps I could help you? (I'm french)
What is the product? Could you describe the ad?
You can also go to my site where lots of Renault ads can be found ;)
ok. it is an ad for celebrating 20 years of using "multi-morphic" cars (all the cars of Renault that have more than 6 seats, and are made for families etc), and they just show shots of all those cars together. i hope i helped,cause actually there's nothing more special in this ad.
I don't know this ad :unsure:
Do you have a link where I could watch it?
OK, i finally found the song. i asked the greek branch of renault.
it's In-Grid "Ah l'amour l'amour"

thanks to everyone that helped