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Ok this one may be tough because i have not seen it in any other forums, but maybe you have. Also, I havn't seen the commercial online, only TV. It's a pretty good song, so I'm sorry I can't give you any more information...
No, it's not "Happy Together". In the ad a guy is driving through a town and it shows businesses that say "add 10%" on the window and schools that say "add 15%" outside of them. And then it shows the guy driving down a street in a neighborhood, and all the houses have a sign in their front yard that say "sold for $$$$$." Then it shows the guy pulling into a drive-way and there is a sign in the front yard that says "selling for" and then the guy bends down with a marker and writes in the price that he wants to buy the house for. (As if the guy is searching on the Internet and is looking for a house, and he stops and names his own price.) Lastly the announcer comes on and says something like "pick the house you want to buy, and name your price on"
LOL, hope that helps guys. Thats pretty much what happens in the commercial.