Real World Road Rules Challenge Battle of the Sexes 2


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Derek is walking around in a white shirt. And it has Battle of the Sexes 2; I think it's a preview show. It had no lyrics, just a really nice beat.
It is a preview show. The show is actually called

hey guys,

i was looking through the Bunim-Murray homepage and found the song i needed,:

Artist: Shaboom
Song Title: If you need me

ive looked for this everywhere and cannot find it...if anyone of you could help me find it, id greatly appreciate it.

Looks like all their stuff at Amazon are Imports.. probably why you're having a hard time finding it in the US.
I see that a song and artist have already been suggested under this topic, but I don't think it is the same one... Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in episdoe three when the cast is hanging out by the pool? The lyrics go something like "just say the word, I'll come running... As moments they go, some will stay with you forever." It's sounds very techno, early 90's type music. Thanks.
yea, ok, that's what I thought... It's Shaboom's "If you love me"
Anyone recognize the song at the very end of tonight episode (11/22) of Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes 2, when Shane and Nick were dancing on the stage together and talking about flirting/becoming friends with each other, etc...??

Song is a male vocal, a smooth (as in, not hyper or jumpy with a bass backing track or anything) dance/house beat, with a plucky guitar riff.

Lyrics I could understand are:

"Hooo! Well I feel like I'm doing things the right way....

...(some inaudible lyrics in between here)...

And, I know something good is coming my way...."

I didn't pick anything up on a Google lyric search. I've checked MTV's and Bunim-Murray's sites, but they don't have any info up for this episode yet -- so I'll check back in a few days there. But maybe someone will recognize it in the meantime.

I wanted that song too! on they stopped at episode 7 and I think this is episode 8 :/


Thank you :D
Yes, it's episode 8 -- they just usually take a day or two to update their info after the episode airs...
So, Bunim-Murray put up episode info and listed the following for the song I wanted:

"If You Want Me" by 33Hz

And, they also gave a band website for a band called "33 West" in relation to the above info -- I can't find any mention of the song "If You Want Me" anywhere on their site. Does anyone know if these are the same bands? Or if B-M messed up?
hey does any one know the song that they played when they first started throwing the food into the throwers and they had to catch the food in thier helmets? and nope sorry dont know any words dont know the beat, just hoping some one is can read my mind and knows what song im talking about
Okay... all this time and I found the correct song. The band is 33hz, and the song is called "Crazy All the Time." You can listen to it, via streaming audio here.