Real World Road Rules Challenge The Inferno


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I'm looking for the name of a song played during the preview show last night for the new season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge - The Inferno. The song was playing in the background and they didn't play it long enough for you to hear the vocals, but I think they include the phrase "What's going wrong in the world today?" or maybe "What's wrong with the kids today?" Thanks for the help.
Now when I listen to a really good song, I start nodding my head, like I'm saying, "Yesss" to every beat. "Yes! Yes! Yes! This rocks!" And then sometimes I switch it up like, "No! No! No! Don't stop a-rockin!"
Thanks for the replies, but it's neither one of those songs unless it's a remake of one of them. It's a newer sounding song and it's playing in the background during the part of the show titled Road Rules vs. Sarah. I've emailed Bunim/Murray Productions and I'll see what happens.
Just heard the song on the radio. It's "Where is the Love?" by The Black Eyed Peas.
i herd a really cool rock song on the inferno but i dont know what it is.... it was the episode where abram voted himself in for road rules. it came on when nobody else wanted to go into the inferno.... if any1 knows it email me or post it oh yeah and it is right before a commercial
oh yeah and the re- run for it is on tonight so who ever is good with rock music watch and see if you know
Did you check the Bunim-Murray music archive? They list music used in their shows... although, it's not very complete.
thanks and i think i found the song but when i looked up the baND I COULDNT FIND THEM ANYWHERE .... i thnik they are called D.U.S.T. i am pretty good with rock but i dont even know who they are