Ralph Lauren "My Romance"


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its a kinda old commercial for ralph lauren perfume romance. christie turlington is in it its all in black and white part of the lyrics go like this: cause its love sweet love
Carly Simon - "My Romance" is the one from your topic title. I've never heard those lyrics though. :unsure:
are you sure you are talking about the "My Romance" commercial? Are you possibly talking about the commercial that has Christie Turlington (I think holding a baby or something) with the whispering quietly singing voice where I believe she is singing the song "What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love"?
in the commercial, I think it is just Christie Turlington singing it... you can hear a very slight hint om music in the background where it sounds simply like she is singing on top of another version of the song.

Many many people have done versions of that song (Burt Bacharach is one that comes to mind) but I can't tell which one she is singing along with... what you hear in the commercial is like 99.9% just new vocal (Christie?) anyway.

...I can pretty much guarantee you that there is no full version of the song available with her singing it.
yeah its christie turlington singing but there is a bit of instrumental maybe its some chick singing and the commercial is made to look as if christie is singing :unsure:
does anyone know where i can find the my romance song from the ralph lauren commercials for the romance fragrance?
Well, I think in that commercial they use the version by Carly Simon....and you can find that version on her album titled "My Romance". Hope that helps?! ;)