ralph lauren

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    Ralph Lauren PBS Masterpiece Classic

    I am looking for the music I heard on a Ralph Lauren TV advertisement. The ad was aired and made especially for Masterpiece Theater. It is beautiful piano music that I would like to buy both audio and piano sheet music. If anyone knows anything regarding who wrote this song and where I can get...
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    Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

    Can anybody tell me the name of the song in the background of this video?
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    Ralph Lauren ad on Hulu

    I saw an ad for Ralph Lauren on Hulu earlier today. They played the song for a good 30 - 40 seconds. If I bothered to write down any lyrics, I probably wouldn't need to post this. I've been on Hulu since then, but it hasn't played again. Anyone know?
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    Ralph Lauren "Polo Black" at Macys

    I have looked all over the internet for info. In the commercial there is a man wearing black gloves & driving- then there is a woman he is on a bed with. When the song first starts it sounds alot like Mary J Blidge but towards the end I'm not so sure anymore. I hope someone can confirm for me...
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    Ralph Lauren perfume girl on beach

    Does anyone remember that Ralph Lauren Commercial while back? It was for te Perfume, Ralph. It had the girl walking around on a really sunny day on a really tropical looking island. It was like a female vocalist singing. Kinda like maybe Indigo Girls / Melissa Etheridge. Some of the lyrics were...
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    Ralph Lauren "My Romance"

    its a kinda old commercial for ralph lauren perfume romance. christie turlington is in it its all in black and white part of the lyrics go like this: cause its love sweet love