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I'm new to this forum and may be in the wrong area.

I remember a radio jingle in the early 60's for the Yellow Pages that I would like more of the lyrics or a
CD I can by that contains the lyrics or even a sent mp3.

Some of the lyric I retain is:
"or learn to dance in seven easy stages.
No more guesswork and for less work
Check the yellow pages

Before you shop, stop and look
At the buyers' guide
That's right inside
Your telephone book"

Anybody else remember this?
Well, there is no area for radio jingles, so I guess this is the right place. :) Anyway, a Yellow Pages radio jingle from the 60s, that's a tough one. And I wouldn't know who to contact since the Baby Bells / AT&T brokeup years later, so who knows. Was it a male or female voice singing?