Old song about Brooklyn

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This was a song I heard almost 30 years ago. I only heard it a few times.
It was in 72 or 73 and I was 9. It was a song about Brooklyn, and all I remember are bits and pieces of the lyrics. I dont know if it was a current song, or an oldie but It went something like:

I''m going back to Brooklyn, Lovely Brooklyn
Im gonna get back some way,
I'm gonna make it some day.

Thats all I remember, and Im not sure its all correct.
It was a very easy type of song not rock n roll, or country. Could have been an Old song even then. Maybe adult/contemporary.
It was also during a time when there was a radio campaign called "Have a Happy Day" was going on across the country. There was even a jingle called Have a Happy Day, by the Happy Day Singers to go along with it. (this was before the TV show of the same name BTW)

I'm hoping somebody might be able to help. Ive literally spent YEARS looking for the title and artist of this song! (and MANY hours online searching)

Thanks in advance!

PS Its NOT Brooklyn Roads by Neil Diamond, or Brooklyn by Steely Dan.
Not to take away from our own talented folks here on AdTunes, but there's a forum dedicated to rare/hard to find tracks over at OneHitWonderCentral.com. They've found a couple tracks for me that even stumped our experts, so if all else fails they may be able to help you out as well!