R&B Song on the radio in Summer/Fall '05 maybe?


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There's this song that a local r&b and hip-hop station used to play. This radio station never said it was an exclusive song for the station or anything, but once I decided to search google, youtube, or anything, I have yet to find it. The station said the song was called:

"Chick On The Side" by Traye-D? (Not sure if that's how you spell the artist's name).

The lyrics say:

"I can't believe that I am,
In love with this chick on the side, and I
Don't know what to do..."

It was a cute upbeat r&b song, something reminiscent of Bobby Valentino. I believe it came out around the time Ray J's "One Wish" song and Jamie Foxx's "Extravaganza". Not FOR SURE if this is when the song came out, but I think so. It's crazy how I have the title and lyrics of this song yet I CANNOT FIND IT!! Can anyone help me or has heard of this song so I know I'm not crazy?! lol. Thanks.