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its the same song in all of the puma commericals, in some commericals they show the guy passing the olympic torch. well, its a jamacian type song, im guessing sean paul, because hes the only famous jamacian artist i know. any help on the song is welcome, thanks.
yep thats it, whats the song at the very end?
btw its the relay team not the torch. hehe
I saw a commercial just recently where they had this awesome reggae song. I believe the company was Puma, and the commercial had something to do with a Jamacian relay race team. Possibly something to do with the olympics but I'm not sure. The first time I saw this was maybe a week or so ago.

Does anyone know which song it is?

thanks for that. il make sure i illegally download it ;) j.k.
yeah and i would use search if it worked, it says error occured, and above that it says function disabled.
The search does work. Sometimes if you don't get results, you should change the Search Date feature to "Any date." The default only searches back three months.
I dont know who it is, it never lets you hear enough of it, but i guess its some dancehall stuff. Its such a funky groove, anyone know who it is and the name of the song?
The Puma comercial song you are refering is by Elephant Man and it's called ALL OUT. It is a kick ass song no? Enjoy. All-out.
These are the searies of commercials witht e catch phrase " stick stick stick" and everyone who has the stick gets running shoes. Who sings the song and what is the name of it when the jamaician flag at the end of the commercial is shown?
this has been asked about before, but for the life of me i can't find it in the archives... Are you certain it was for Adidas?
Well its actually Puma, not Adidas. You can watch their new ads at their website. In one of the ads, it shows two guys singing the song so maybe it was made for the commercial only. I emailed Puma and asked what the song was. I'll let you know when I get a response.
Well Puma hasn't emailed me back but I found the answer anyway. The song is called "All Out" by Elephant Man, on his album "Good 2 Go". Hope that helps. ;)
Does anybody know the name of the reggae song that plays at the end of the new PUMA commercials. The one where the runners are handing off a baton to random people. At the very end a reggae song is played. I know its by Elephant Man but I don't know the title. Any help would be appreciated.
What a coincidence! I just now dropped by to search the forum posts for this exact song! I love this site! :D