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This is a commercial for ProHealth Care Heart Center in Waukesha, so it's quite possible that it's showing is limited to the southeastern Wisconsin area.

I've only heard it twice, but it's a catchy violin piece that I find interesting. If it's done by an actual group, and not specifically for this ad, I'd consider buying some of their music.

The trick, of course, is finding out who made it. ProHealth's website isn't saying.

Thanks for any suggestions!
Is it modern/upbeat violin or classical/orchestral?

A popular modern string instrument group is Bond, samples can be heard through the link. Their stuff has been used in ads before, so it's just an idea. I haven't seen the ad.
It seems to have an Irish/Celtic feel to it, but I'm not very good at judging the cultural origin of music, so take that as you will.

There are also woodwind instruments mixed in.

Your link doesn't work, but I appreciate the suggestion.
Hi, I'm in a unique situation to get my hands on the ad you're talking about if you can tell me the largest cities it might be airing in and if there's any way you could narrow down the time it aired.

Such as: next time you see it note the time/station and tell me.

might be a while before we get the tapes in, but hopefully I'll be able to help.
Oh! and in a general orchestral/violin recommendation: Golden Arm Trio are fantastic. 'Why The Sea Is Salt' is an incredible album. Based in Austin, Texas if I'm not mistaken.
Oops... My link should be working now, if you want to hear some samples of Bond's music. :)
Thanks for the suggestions, all. Perhaps I'll look into finding some work by Bond and the Golden Arm Trio sometime.

Schuyler- I appreciate your offer to locate the ad. I don't watch TV much, just use it as background noise ususally, but will keep an ear out for it.

I think the last time I heard it was the evening of February 29th in Milwaukee, WI.

Guess I COULD just call them...though it's unlikely the staff there would know.
Truth! My standard suggestion is to go to the firm that made the ad for them, but this has only worked out once for me, conversely I've only tried it once, so I'm 100% on it as a theory :p

I'll see if I can't find something, but it's a needle in a big ol' haystack over here :(
so far I'm 0 for 1 with the attempting to contact the advetising agency that did the ad... now I'm jaded