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The commercial shows a bunch of people sweating and stuff and then at the end mentions pringles hot & spicy potato chips. The music is some real famous opera/classical song that has been in countless commercials, I just don't know what it's called!!!! a little help?
Ok, please help! I need to know the name of the song in the New Pringles Comercial-Spicy or Cajun Pringles (everyone in the comercial is biting into a Pringle and trying to stay strong because they are so spicy).

The song is a classical piece, I think a Chamber Choral piece, very dramatic, very dark and almost "war" like. Its often played in a number of movie trailors (especially ones with a lot of fighting or drama). I have been looking for the name and composer of this song for (I kid you not) SEVEN years. Please help!!!
Never mind, my goodness right after posting this I looked at some of the other posts and saw a song whose discription looked similar, googled it and found it!!!! Yeah!!!!

It is "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff (a pretty popular song by the look of it)
Don't forget to use the Forum's Search feature! This ad was asked about (and answered) earlier this month. ;)
Well, I'm here again asking for help. I use to have this song on my old computer but since the switch I've lost it. It's a song that is all instrumental and it's intense. The new pringles commercial has it with different type of people looking like they're getting ready for a very serious event/competition. Then at the end the guy bites into a Pringle (advertising the new hot style). But the music is from lots of movies and other commercials...If you need more of a description let me know...if not...I'm out of luck I guess! (Music type: Instrumental / Strong / Intense / Competitive! ) Thanks
I knew that! :unsure: Thanks...The reply speed on this website is OUTSTANDING! Take care, thanks again!
I'm just hopped up right now is all.. and you're verra verra welcome. :D
Does anyone know the music from the pringles ad. Its ad is about a new spicy flavor, however , it slips my mind now. The music is opra/ classical. It has scenes of people sweating like dogs, facing the camera in " pain " proving how hot this new flavor is( i think pepper or cajan or somethin like that ) thanks
I know I've heard the song on movies and movie traliers...usually in war epics, or the like. Its like people singing... not words though, almost oprea sounding. The commercial shows a bunch of people like cringing from how hot the chips are. Anybody know? :D
Read here. Also, don't forget to search the forums, this has been answered several times. :)
There was an old pringles comercial last year, when the pringles fiery hot potato chips came out. The comercial included the faces of different people trying to cool there mouths down after eating the chips. The tune is actually a famous Opera song i believe. I have heard it in other places but i do not know the name of it, if any one could help me out i would appreciate it. thanks