popular song...been haunting me


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ok, so this song has been haunting me for a while now. All i can remeber from it is the orchastral part of it with violins. the notes fluctuate up and down. OY....if only i could visualy show you how the music goes...
--0--0---------------------0--------------- REPEATS
srry, it isn't exactly picture perfect and you have to put in your own notes....any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Where did you hear this piece?

What's the tempo?
Wow, that things sweet!!! ok, playing from a fuzzy memory i think youd play it ...UTUTYRY---OUO---IYI (REPEATS)

PS: nice laughing man logo. the show is getting good [adult swim]
Sounds like

"Jean Michel Jarre - Randes-Vouz 2" (II)

atleast thats wat sounds to me
its definately by U2 or coldplay... i know what song you're talking about, but i cant seem to think of it at the moment... grr... i hate you... you got that song stuck in my head
Staples, the song you were thinking of is "Clocks" by Coldplay, right?
srry, I've been away from a compy for a while. yup, it is bittersweet. thanks guys. you were tons of help...