This song is haunting me


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this song has been haunting me for the longest time, and now that i have found this website, maybe you guys can help me.

it goes --- yes im gonna be a star, gonna let the sun shine down on me

and theres someion going aaaaaahhhhh in the backgroiund, but not screaming.
it is definetly not the beatles.
Do you remember anything else about the song like if it sounded old, or if it was a male or a female singer, or a group, or where you heard it??
did you hear it in an ad? i remember a song like that on tv a few years ago (??) but I can't remember the product...maybe jeans or perfume or something!!!
yeah, i heard it in an ad, long time ago, i believe. and it was male vocals
Try this. Cassie Steele Ft. Krayzed - "Famous" (Remix)

It's a female vocalist rock song with a male vocalist rapping yeah in the background.

The lyrics are pretty close to what you described from 1:29 to 2:06.
nah,that aint it, thanks though! this was from a long time ago, i wanna say a levis advert
nah, thats not it either, thank you for your reply, but i distinctly remember "yes im gonna be a star, gonna let the sun shine down on me"
i'm trying to revive this thread! does anyone have any ideas as to what this sing may be!?
I am not sure if this was ever used in a Levi's Commercial or not, but you might
be thinking of "Counting Crows - Baby, I'm A Big Star Now". The song seems a little hard to find
in MP3 format these days. Counting Crows wrote the song for the motion picture "Rounders" and may
now be in moratorium, not sure. Anyway the lyrics you described seem similar, but I am not sure if
this is the song you are looking for.

Hope This Helps :)