Popular and favorite TV show music?

Gilmore Girls!!!!!!! :D

Some of my all time faves have come from that show, like Grant Lee Buffalo/Phillips, Modest Mouse, Better than Ezra (I think anyway) and tons and tons more. I just discovered that another song I really like was on the show two weeks ago (episode "I get a Sidekick out of you"), it's called "don't know why" by the essex green. It makes me happy when I find something great on Gilmore. Btw you can legally download that song from betterpropaganda.com, which is a pretty awesome website in general.
heh. i have a some what odd and wide taste for music, but i'd pick House for my fav music.....and then is that new show Conviction. I fell in love with David Gray because of that show. the CSI series have always had a good selection of all kinds of music. Six feet under is good for those comfy alternative type music...
CSI has the best music, although it's maddening trying to find out what that piece of music is. Would it kill them to list the songs by episode somewhere?
Cold Case also is great. The potential there is amazing since they can investigate a crime from any era.
And I don't watch it, but the OC does deserve props. Any show that puts out a soundtrack with The Raveonettes and The Eels on a Christmas cd no less is doing something right.
I agree with all of you who said Scrubs. I also agree with the MTV reality shows... one of my favorite is 8th and Ocean.
can anyone give me the entire song list of episode 8 and 9 from the first season? it's a song there that i have to get. i think the last song on the episode was jamie paxton - sunshine. the song I want was when the girls got ready for graduation or something.
Grey's Anatomy definitely has some great music. Also one that i am finding a lot of good music on is Conviction. :)
I'm not really a fan of the OC, but the music they put on their is really great. Gray's Anatomy would be a close second.
I agree with those who say Grey's Anatomy. That show has a great mix of music, that is a bit on the 'funky' side sometimes. I also like the music from Scrubs too, and occasionally Alias has a good song or two in it, but I would say without a doubt Greys Anatomy is the number one show for music.
most deff. Greys and house but for my fav. im deff gonna have to go with Dawsons Creek although its no longer on the music was phenomenal!!! aww i miss dawson and pacey anyone else???
SOOOO happy to see the great music on "Grey's Anatomy" is getting around. Without a doubt, that show has the best music on tv today, as well as having possibly the bravest, most well researched, and most unique song list from any tv show ever. It really gives great new indie and "underground" artists a great stage, and we are so much better for finding out about them.

The new show "Conviction" also got a few nods, and I second that.

"House," like already mentioned also plays some really good stuff and certainly plays things that make the most of the scenes. Also some very good music can occasionally be found on "Boston Legal."

As for shows that are not on anymore, but are still out on dvds, etc., "Joan of Arcadia" had great music and a good place to find new artists.

Great string!
I agree with most people i really hear good songs in the O.C.

I also like the songs for 8th n Ocean.
I'm looking for the title and artist of a song I've heard on shows like CSI, Without A Trace and the trailer for The Cleaner. Some of the lyrics are: "All around me are familiar faces....." I can't remember any more than that.

That's it. It's downloading from ITunes as we speak.

Thanx again.
off the top of my head

Greys Anatomy
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl
The L Word