Popular and favorite TV show music?

yeah definately Veronica Mars- best soundtrack ever. Also, a lot of stuff on the WB like Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill (even though I don't watch one tree hill)
oh and Cold Case has really good music randomly...can't figure that one out but they do
hmm definitely Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill are 2 of the best current shows to hear great music. Laguna beach has some pretty decent music as well and so does smallville (even though i don't watch it anymore). Charmed and Related tend to have some cool songs every now and then. The WB alone has been responsible for alot of my favourite new music, they play alot of great artists. Oh this show on abc "Life or something like it" used to have some awesome songs in it, even though it's cancelled while it was aired, some really great music was played.
Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs have the best music, overall.

CSI has the best techno (let's have a moment for the repeated Faithless songs)

Lost had BBofA, and Damien Rice, so they get my vote

And this one doesn't really count, but Late Night with Conan O Brien. Always good
Definitely in line with all of you guys, Veronica Mars, OC, Laguna, One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, etc.
The OC has great music (most people I know wouldn't even know who Death Cab for Cutie are, if it weren't for that show). One Tree Hill plays some good stuff. And I agree with some of the previous posts . . . CSI can come out with some good stuff too - I still remember the first time I heard Nine Inch Nails on CSI Las Vegas; I thought I was dreaming :).
It's no wonder we all love the music from Grey's Anatomy and the O.C. - Alexandra Patsavas is the music supervisor for both shows.
I've only seen a couple episodes of Cold Case but they seem to have a decent music selection. But my faves have to be The Sopranos & (rip) Six Feet Under. Oh & I guess I'll show my age here...That 70s Show
Hi there!

Pesonally, I like the music played in those reality shows on Mtv, (e.g. Run's House, Sweet 16, Pimp my ride, etc)... the back ground music are short (about 15 to 30 seconds long) but still are nice... most of the songs are remixed and sounds great... Unfortunately, the remixed songs are not available (so I've been told) but the original version are available...

Battlestar Galactica has a great listing on music that really adds to all their episodes...except for the first 5 minutes of Pegasus (it really blew).

Also a fan of Nip/Tuck-- good stuff. I guess I'll also vote for Project Runway.
"My Name is Earl" has some great tunes.

"CSI" and "Cold Case" have introduced me to lots of music.

I've heard quite a few good songs on "The Simpsons" over the years too!