Popular and favorite TV show music?


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Hi Its a real popular classical song im after.. its on countless war documentries and movies mainly ww1 and ww2 I just saw it on a History channel show about how Russia conqured the Germans. Anyways its very popular and very depressing so if you guys have any ideas just name em and ill look into them i just have no idea where to look.. music wasnt listed in the credits. thanks

edit. sounds a lot like a song that would be in shindlers list but i listened to those and i do not think it is one of them.
Couple of suggestions:

SAMUEL BARBER - Adagio for Strings (Disc 1 Track #1)

GEORGE FRIDERICH HANDEL - Sarabande from Harpsichord Suite No.11 (Track #12)

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I know its not the second one but they both do have the same feel to it .. i believe it is re airing in a hour so i am going to watch again although it is at the very end lol so i guess it will be awhile thanks for the suggestions though ill try and tape record it or somethin just to get a glimbs of the tune to explain it better.
Well its not Adagio For Strings. You can definitely hear woodwinds with the strings. It sounds like a slow movement from a symphony...usually slow movements are 2nd in a symphony. Its sounds sort of familiar...maybe its a Beethoven symphony...sounds too late to be Baroque (like Bach). A lot of depressing symphonies came out of Russian composer Shostakovich...could be him but I'm not an expert. God it does sound familiar...now I want to know too lol! Hope that helps!
Well i guess I was too late...and wrong lol. Thanks for the info :p
Hey- what TV shows do you hear great music on?
I find a lot of stuff from CSI that I like, Buffy used to have good music too, and I can't really think of any others right now, but I'm sure there are more...
Just curious- what other shows do you think are worth mentioning?
I used to love the music on Buffy as well. I also think the OC has some good music, and so does Laguna Beach.

Also Grey's Anatomy and I liked some of the music from Lost. Especially that one song (sorry can't think of the name right now) that they played at the end of the Episode "Confidence Man"
Jabby - it's "I Shall Not Walk Alone" by The Blind Boys Of Alabama (a cover of a tune by Ben Harper, who produced the Blind Boys album the song appears on).
i second Grey's Anatomy.

they have a nice mix. a few of their frequentlyplayed artists are: Tegan and Sarah, Joe Purdy, and I think Vaughan Penn. I hear Tegan and Sarah the most though.

Laguna Beach also picks some great California cool songs. :)
the OC for sure. Great music. :D
Laguna Beach has some good stuff too and Newlyweds has had some cool songs in past episodes.
You'll probably laugh but, the Cosby Show. They were always putting on an old record and playing some Ray Charles and such. Excellent music on that show. :)