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Im also interested in a song on a current Petsmart commercial.....the one with the Dalmation staring at a little girl's ice cream cone. The song says something like:
"Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing...."

Anyone familiar with it? Anyone....anyone..... :)
Actually, it's a great Dane, but that's neither here nor there; it's just an excuse to get this topic activated again.

Does anyone know what the song is (from the commercial with the dog)?

D'oh! Both commercials have dogs; I was wondering about the song used in the one with the great Dane.
Does anyone know what song is being used on the Petsmart commercial with the black and white spotted Great Dane? The dog is looking longingly at an ice cream come that belongs to a little girl and the lyrics I can hear are "Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing...". I've looked everywhere but I can't seem to find anything. Please help!
I know, I read that one but it was quite a few days ago, so I thought I'd restart it and see if anyone new might know it.
Peace peace. ;)

But really though, that other thread isn't answered yet either so everyone's still in dark. :(
Hello! Can anyone please tell me what song is being used on the Petsmart commercial where the Great Dane is watching the baby girl eat ice cream? The lyrics that make it into the ad are as follows:> "Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing. Sometimes it's hard with what I'm feelin'. I'll wait forever. No matter how you tempt me, I'll wait forever." I've looked everywhere for this song and I can't seem to find it. If this is a repost I'm sorry. Thanks!
dangit i wish someone knew the name of this song! here is what I have:

Sometimes it's hard, to do the right thing
sometimes it's hard with what im feeling
ill be forever
no matter how you tempt me
ill wait forever
I would like to know what that song is too. By the way if you know some of the lyrics you can go to to find the song. I already checked with this song though. :(
Has anyone tried to contact PetSmart? I just sent them an email in hopes to hear something.

I love the song and hope it's commercially available and not something written specifically for the ad.


P.S. It's a harlequin great dane, a friend of my husband's use to have one by the name of Frodo. :)
Here's the reply I received from PetSmart:

"Dear Antoinette,

Thank you for your recent email.

The song on the commercial is an original song. The lyrics and musical score was written by the producer of the commercial.

Thank you for shopping at Petsmart.



I was afraid this was the case.

This reply is from another commercial music site.

"I talked to the director of television marketing at Petsmart. Unfortunately, what he had to report is that it's not actually a song. It's just a 30-second tune made specifically for the commercial. There are no words or music beyond what is played in the ad.

Too bad, nice tune!"
Commercial on lately, have no idea what it is has a dog begging for ice cream that a kid is eating...but holds out until his owner come gets him...

The lyrics definitely have the words "Sometimes its hard" in it...a guy singing...sounds very familiar, too.

Im clueless, and I did search, using 'dog ice cream'; 'dog begging' and so forth and couldnt find anything.

Thanks for any help...
I am extremely interested in the


ad you are speaking about: After a couple of TiVO replays: here are the lyrics:

Sometimes its hard to do the right thing
Sometimes its hard with what I'm feeling
(background vocals) Ill wait for ever
No matter how you tell me
(background vocals) Ill wait for ever x3

Hope someone finds this
I also want the song really badly lol.

I thought the words were like this...
"Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing,
Sometimes it's hard with what I'm feeling
(back) Love, Love
No matter how you tempt me
I'll wait for love, love"
There is a pet store commerical (I think PetsMart) that has a dalmation or some other type of big, black & white dog.

I don't remember any of the song, I just remember liking it. I don't know if anyone else has seen it (it's NOT the commercial with the weiner dog).