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So now that I'm really really close when do you guys think I'll have Connor? Any birthdays soon? I can try for one of those days. :p
Originally posted by dascoot@Oct 1 2005, 01:01 PM
I sayyyyy October 6th. :)
Any reason or is that just your guess? My brother's birthday is October 6th btw.
Oh that's right. Well maybe while you guys are celebrating I'll be in tremendous pain working on bringing someone into this world. :lol: I didn't want to have him on my brother's birthday but I'll just say that I had him on the 6th in honor of Mel's anniversary. :p
I'm sorry you're bored. Are you at least feeling better now?
A little *sniff*

Heh heh. Yeah I'm feeling a bit better. But I've been laying around all day and I feel like a couch potato but I'm not well enough to do anything interesting. Blahhhhhhh. How are you Rhonda?
Good, I haven't been doing much either today. Just watching my college football. :)
Well, I don't think they would even let me hold out that long. :lol: They're already talking about inducing me.