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the outback commercial that displays

"just a few more reasons"

"to avoid your mother-in-law's cooking"

i am sorry but i dont know musical styles to be able to id the style but i think it is a hip hop or what ever some of today's gangster rappers do like wu-tang

thanks for the help
I am not sure whether this is the same commercial or not.. but today i was watching the news and the beginning of the outback steakhouse was like all these steaks on this grill...and they are playing this wild hip-hop beat and if anyone can tell me what song that was off of or what song that is that would be wonderful...please help.

Hey everyone I just heard some awesome rap-hip-hop style music from Outback Steakhouse, and all the steaks are on the grill..no one is singing, does anyone know what song this is? it sounds a little like Family Affair by M.J. Blige(spelling)...Please help!
I think this topic died..They also play the music on OPRAH...I think they played it when the desperate housewives edition was on there...Its really cool music..hip hop stylin;) PLEASE if anyone has any IDEA...post..please please please..i really like this music..
They played it on oprah today...March 04 2004 approximately 4:14 Pacific Time...when the cast was coming onto the stage...help
The commercial only shows food. Mostly shrimp. No people just food and music. I saw it fort he first time Sunday night. 3/27/05. Any ideas? Thanks!
I have 194 some views of this topic, it sounds like the remix of Family Affair but its not, I have searched everywhere, and was unable to find it:( I guess no one has an idea either
Here is the answer from the company.

Thank you for your email. The music in our recent 'Reasons' commercial is stock music made for purchase to those in the TV Production industry. "Gangster Party" CD "R n' B Pop" is the name of the CD we got it from.

I do appreciate your inquiry. Best of luck.

Aviva Baker