Outback Steakhouse commercial


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I only caught a few seconds of the commercial but it sounded good. It's this new outback steakhouse commercial.

If anyone has caught it please let me know what it is.
It's a cover of the Of Montreal song "Wraith Pinned to Mists (and Other Games)"
Originally posted by BelleS@Sep 15 2006, 01:07 AM
It's a cover of the Of Montreal song "Wraith Pinned to Mists (and Other Games)"
Really? I might have noticed when I heard "antarctica" as the last word in the song.
Yeah, the band recorded the song with different lyrics for the ad.
There is a new ouback commercial out with a cool song that isn't the outback theme. I've heard the song before in a movie theater as preview music but can't figure out what it is. I am not sure what the words are but I think they go Let me take you to antartica? maybe..
The song is a very very blatant rip off of the song 'Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games' by the band Of Montreal. I'm not sure if the song was licensed, but I would imagine either the band's or the Outback website would mention it and neither do.

By the way, the line is 'Let's pretend we're in Antarctica'!
Is it actually Of Montreal performing the song? I can't find any iformation about that on either the Outback Steakhouse website or the Of Montreal website. not to mention the fact that the guy singing doesn't really sound like Kevin Barnes.
I just watched "Good Eats" and during the commercial breaks I wasn't paying attention until I heard this song.

I think it was a commercial for cereal or some kind of wheat product. I glimpsed some animation with a mosaic of red and yellow thick stick figures.

What lyrics I heard sounded like "get up... life will be still be there tomorrow..." It sounded like mellow acoustic strumming and plain singing along all indie-like.

Anyone know?

Can anyone confirm whether or not this is Guy Chadwick's "Close Your Eyes" or something else? I don't know if it's Guy Chadwick until I've heard the entire song...
Oopsies, it was an Outback Steakhouse Commercial.

The song was a remake...

yeah i don't think it's Kevin from Of Montreal either. His production quality is much better.
yea definitely not OM performing the song, and it's all part of music marketing. someone in Outback's marketing department (or perhaps a third-party company) discovered the song one way or another, figured it'd sound good in an ad and worked out a deal with OM's record label to re-record the song for the commercial. there are professional musicians who record both original and cover material for a living.
I hope Of Montreal have no direct connection to the ad. It is the worst of what Madison Avenue does. A pale muzak version of the original that discounts and degrades the song and the artist. I thought they were finally getting a handle on how to use music in ads to sell products without disrespecting the art, but hmmm... NO! :angry:
It sounds a LOT like Of Montreal - I'd actually bet on it being them and not a sound-a-like.
I'm replying late to this but i want to make it known that it is, in fact, Of Montreal in the outback steakhouse commercial. They re-wrote the lyrics specifically for the commercial.
"Let's pretend we're in Antarctica"? Shoot, I always thought it was "let's pretend we're in an octagon". I have to figure out which one I prefer.
Recently, I've seen a commercial for Outback Steakhouse with the lyrics "Let's go out back tonight". Anyone know the artist and/or song title?
Thanks in advance!