not a commercial music...random question?


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pardon me for asking such an irrelevant question. This have nothing to do with commercial music.. hehe :D ok right to the question then.

someone in this forum had an avatar. 'a girl in a white dress running in the middle of a green field holding a kite and with the words WHEEE!' who had that and can I get it? it may seem so pathetic to be beggin for an avatar, but i really liked it and can't find one like it anywhere on the web.
it was an animated gif. She was running with a kite yelling wheee. keke :rolleyes: It was summer, so green and her in a white dress.
did u have that? or did u see one like it..
i dont think its badass buddies.:p

Vocal, I dunno who she is... i just liked it, so...
Well, all mine are from badass buddies, I don't think I've ever had one with a kite.
I thought your "spring time" one had a kid chasing a kite or something? :unsure: Maybe I just imagined it though.
No, it was just a kid running through a field of flowers, no kite and no Weeeeeee! :what:
oh i forgot to tell that it was a real video. Just a fraction of a real video, u know. Real woman, real grass, etc...keke :D
could it have been sophist? or someone who comes here all the time. Im sure you guys saw it.
I don't think it was sophist. How long ago was this?
Finally, I was able to make an avatar kinda similar to that one i was talking about. From a japanese music video. :p It's not exactly like I wanted it, but it's better than nothing...hehe
so how do u all like it?

I copied and pasted it but it's not working for me.

^ retarded. I got it. Cute.