Nokia 6225


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Anyone know the name of the song playing in the new Nokia 6225 commercial?
I saw a Nokia commercial the other day. The music started out classical, then an electronic track was added. Anyone know what it is? Thanks!
Yeah the 6225i Nokia phone. I was looking for that song too.
Ooo me too, and off the subject, that is one kick ass phone ;)
I am really interested in finding the name of this song as well. That is the phone and the song in the background matches the commercial I have seen on TV. However, no one has seemed to come up with and artist or song title. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The nokia 6225i phone tv. commercial is awesome. almost a mixture between techo and classical music. I love it. Someone help us. help us all :)
Craig Snyder was responsible for the Nokia 6255i phone commercial as well the Nokia 9300 smartphone commercial. You can visit his web site,, for availability of this music.

We also request that you monitor the web site, as this music will be soon available as ring tones for your Nokia phone.

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