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This song was in a Nokia n-series ad, and it was played during a commerical break from the Live 8 concert. Nokia was a sponsor. It sounded like Moby, but I don't know. Anyone? Thanks!
it did sound like moby, sort of a hybrid version of a song that was once popular. i don't know. i'd sure like to know also.
Yep sure did sound like Moby.....

Not sure which song...

Would like to know as well....

That's really close, but not it. It sounds like a remixed version of something... I can't find it on nokia's website (tv spot section.. if they even have one).
I don't think it is Moby either....It has a Pet Shop Boys vibe to it...I'm not saying that it's them but
it's got that production style...Almost like something they did for the Crying Game Soundtrack(?)
Common folks, get your thinkin caps on .....

Would really like to know this one.....
Originally posted by bctrain@Jul 10 2005, 04:09 PM
I believe the song in the N-Series ad is "In My Heart" by Moby
You can find the song on Moby's album 18, track 3. Single is also available for download through this direct link on .